© Julia Andrews-Clifford

Julia Andrews-Clifford

Frankfurter KunstSäule
28 May – 20 August 2018

The photomontage artist Julia Andrews-Clifford from London will be a guest at the Frankfurt KunstSäule from 29 May with an attractive photo collage. Inspired by film and feminism, her everyday icons, both analogue and digital, show the clash of classic housework with its public perception. It is the buried biographies and hidden dramas in women's life stories that bring them into the picture bit by bit. With the help of the torn and cut out, she invents charming surrealistic portraits and landscapes. In this way, she manages to explore and uncover the tensions between the private and the political.

Julia Andrews-Clifford had already worked at the British Film Institute for ten years before she began her Fine Art studies at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her exhibitions can be seen all over London and other parts of the United Kingdom. She gives workshops in museums and galleries, among others for The Jerwood Gallery in Hastings.

Brückenstraße / corner Gutzkowstraße
Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt
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