Uwe Nölke, Rinder, Westprignitz, 2016, © Uwe Nölke

WILD - A Photography Exhibition in the Haus am Dom

Haus am Dom, Frankfurt am Main

10 June — 10 August 2018

WILD is a joint project of FREELENS photographers from the Rhine-Main area. 29 photographers present political, documentary, artistic and journalistic perspectives on WILD.

Following the great success of the SLOW exhibition in 2016, 29 photographers from the FREELENS professional association are once again designing a joint exhibition at Haus am Dom: WILD will follow SLOW. Wild animals, wild thoughts, individual reflections on the term WILD. How do the photographers depict people, things and conditions that are "wild"? The range of photographs shown on all floors of the Haus am Dom includes reports, journeys, portraits, still lifes, fashion, conceptual works, installations and artistic photography in black and white and colour.   

The photographic approaches to WILD are as diverse as the composition of the participating photographers.  

Portrayed this time are works by Markus Aatz, Catherine Avak, Debra Bardowicks, Günther Bauer, Andreas Beyer, Claudia von Boch, Carsten Büll, Nabiha Dahhan, Dieter Friese, Bernd Hartung, Catarine C will be shown. Kircher, Chris Kister, George Knoll, Klaus Dieter Litzel, Anna Logue, Sabine Löscher, Kay Maeritz, Niko Neuwirth, Uwe Nölke, Michael Pasternack, Ricarda Piotrowski, Bernd Roselieb, Peter Schauwienold, Oana Szekely, Jutta Ulmer, Andreas Varnhorn, David Vogt, Angela Weil and Michael Zegers. 

FREELENS was founded in 1995 by 128 photojournalists to work with publishers to improve working conditions.

Today the professional association has over 2400 members and is thus the largest organisation for photographers in Germany. FREELENS is committed to photographers on a political, cultural and human level. 

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