Key notes and panel discussion

Key note by
Prof. Dr. Bernd Stiegler "The Extreme and the Average. A Little History of Marginal Images" (In German)
The lecture examines the relationship between the extreme and the median/average and pursues the thesis that the extreme always has something to do with the average or a previously unnoticed large social group. Starting in the 19th century, different aspects of extremes will be taken into consideration, ranging from anthropological and social documentary photography to the so-called "New Vision" of the avant-gardes.

Key note by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich "New Genres of the Extreme: About Images that go Viral in the Social media" (In German)
Since the sending and sharing of photographs has become an important factor in the development of social media, the criteria according to which images are taken have also changed. The audience and effects that can increase dissemination are given greater consideration. For a photo to become viral, more needs to be considered. This also leads to new forms of extreme images. The lecture is dedicated to you.

Followed by panel discussion with Alexandra Lechner and Matthias Wagner K (RAY 2018 curatorial team).

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