Martin Parr, Melting ice-cream cones, aus der Serie „common sense“, 1995–1999

John Baldessari, Life’s balance (with money), 1989/90


ART FOYER, DZ BANK Kunstsammlung
24 May ― 20 October 2018
Opening: 23 May 2018, 7pm

The 25th anniversary of the DZ BANK Kunstsammlung is an opportunity to devote the anniversary exhibition to one theme that visualises the interconnectedness of art and the banking system: “numbers”.

Numbers not only play a large role in our working lives, but they are also phenomena that effect every area of our lives. Even the abstract specializations can’t hide the fact that the first units of measurement — forearm and foot, counting by using our ten fingers — are derived from the human body. They have always shared a common origin of economy and art. At least since the Renaissance, numbers have gained influence in the visual arts. The development of a central perspective, the golden ratio, the teachings of sy mmetry and proportion have changed our perception of the world.

Numbers are popular today. More than ever our private lives are evaluated with the help of numbers and summarized in algorithms. What can be translated into numerical values, suggests measura bility, evaluation of success, ability to forecast the future. Numbers are a proof of fact. But the figures we are using require a fundamental interpretation, and this usually gets lost during these processes. The presumed safety of numbers gives us a good feeling of being in charge. Photographs are also attributed with the ability to capture the unfiltered reality and document the facts. But even here caution is recommended. In the exhibition, artworks will be presented that take a conscious look at mathematics and geometry, at units of measurement and measuring, and codes as symbols.

The DZ BANK Kunstsammlung was founded in 1993 and is the corporate collection of the DZ BANK AG (Deutsche Zentrale Genossenschaftsbank). The focus is on contemporary art in a dialog with the medium of photography.

Curated by Dr. Christina Leber, Director DZ BANK Kunstsammlung

ART FOYER, DZ BANK Kunstsammlung

Platz der Republik 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Free entry

Opening hours:
Tue―Sat, 11am―7pm
Thur, 11am―8pm
Guided tours: Thur, 7pm; every last Friday of the month, 5.30pm